Understanding Tuxedo Terms

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Formalwear expert Ted Poulos discusses how to understand tuxedo terms.

    Ted Poulus: I am Ted Poulus with Sarno and Son Tuxedo and today I am going to show you how to choose the right Tuxedo for your wedding or special event. In this scene, we are going to take a look at some original looks in tuxedos and also we are going to discuss some common tuxedo terms that you should familiarize yourself with when shopping for a tuxedo.

    The model that I have with me, Dominic is wearing a style called the Black Mirage. It's by John Yves. The Black Mirage coat is a buttonless coat in the front, as you can see it stays open in the front. The front of the coat is designed little bit longer than the back of the coat. It's 33 inches long in the front, 34 inches long in the back.

    Now to put that in perspective your traditional tuxedo length is 31 inches in length. So this is 3-4 inches longer than your traditional look. The collar of the Mirage is a satin collar, but it's a stand-up collar. It's not your traditional tuxedo with a lapel on the front, there is no lapel. It has a stand up collar. Dominic is wearing the Mirage with a black vest. If you could hold open this part of the jacket, a black vest from the Virgo collection. A black stripe four-in-hand tie from the Seven collection and his shirt is a spread collar shirt in a microfiber material, again a silk like feel to the material of the shirt. Thank you, Dominic.

    And now we have Brian wearing the look from Calvin Klein. Brian is wearing the Aston from Calvin Klein. The lapel of the jacket, this is the lapel is a self face lapel meaning the material on the lapel is the same material as the jacket. The edge of the lapel is black satin. As you can see it flows up through the top collar, this is the top collar of the jacket, trimmed in black satin. The front pocket also has a satin trim.

    Calvin Klein is very distinctive with pocket flaps on the jacket. The back of the jacket is ventless. There is not vent in the back. It's a traditional length coat, 31 inches in length. The material is a super 120s wool, it's one of the softest wools available on a rental garment today. Two button front jacket.

    The accessories that Brian is wearing, the vest is from the Calvin Klein Collection, the Infinity Collection in platinum gray. The tie is a matching platinum four-in-hand tie and again the shirt like the one Dominic was wearing is a laydown collar shirt in a microfiber material that feels almost like silk. The Aston from Calvin Klein.

    Now we have Dominic wearing by Ralph Lauren, the Whitney tuxedo. The Whitney tuxedo as you can see is a very fashion look. It has a chalk stripe throughout the tuxedo. The lapels are full satin, it has a notch lapel. The top collar is also chalk stripe and as you can see the trousers match the jacket; high fashion look from Ralph Lauren.

    The coat is one inch longer than your traditional length; it's a 32 inch length jacket. Two button front, 32 inches long in body length, vent less in the back and in the front the accessories that Dominic is wearing, from the Satin Collection we have the white satin vest and a four-in-hand long tie also in white satin. The shirt is a spread collar shirt in a microfiber material and accenting this garment is a white silk pocket square, from Ralph Lauren the Whitney tuxedo.

    The last look we want to show you is from Calvin Klein. Brian is wearing the latest look from Calvin Klein called the Crystal. The Crystal Tuxedo, the fabric is a super 120s wool, so it's a very soft almost cashmere feeling wool. Very lightweight, all season, worn all year around. The look even though may appear traditional, it's far from traditional; it's very high fashioned. The button stance in a one button jacket, it's a higher button stance, very European.

    The pockets on the front of the coat are flap pockets what they call a hacking pocket, an angled pocket on the front of the jacket. The lapel is full satin. The top collar is a self face top collar, meaning the material is the same material as the jacket.

    The vest that Brian is wearing is from the Calvin Klein Collection from the Infinity Collection. It's the white infinity vest, has a bit of a grain look. The tie is matching and a four-in-hand tie and the shirt is not your traditional spread collar shirt, but this is a wing collar shirt. The back of the jacket has side vents. Again, not ventless, but two side vents, very European in appearance. The crystal tuxedo from Calvin Klein.

    Well, that concludes our scene on our different fashion looks and various tuxedo terms that we've used in describing the tuxedos. I hope this video has been informative, enjoyable to you and I hope it helps you in picking the right tuxedo for your perfect day. Thank you very much.