Understanding Your Body Type

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Caroline O’Neil discusses understanding your body type.

    Cindy: Hi! I am Cindy I am here at Fashion Exchange with Wilma. The two most important things about being your own stylist is knowing your body type and knowing what colors compliment you. As far as colors go, you have got natural colors, you have got your skin color and you have got your hair color. So right off the batch you know those are going to always work. You also want to know when I talk about body types, look in a mirror, it's easy thing to do and decide are you long waisted, short waisted that you probably don't have to look in the mirror. You can probably tell when you try on clothes.

    Wilma for example is shorter than I am, for me to getting a jacket right at the waist is a difficult thing, I am very long waisted. So I wear jacket that's a little shorter waisted, but because I have the same color on the bottom, it's not going to show so much. Wilma is nice and tiny and this jacket fits her perfectly in the waist. But she might find that going to a petite shop or petite departments and getting a jacket in that department is actually an inch shorter than it would be in a regular sized department.