Unforgettable Visit at Daytona Speedway for Racing Fans

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Daytona International Speedway offers a variety of tours that will allow you to see behind the scenes at America’s most important speedway.

    Sheryl Kahn: This is Sheryl Kahn, here at Women Beach, just outside Daytona Beach the Motorsports Capital of the World. Back in 1903, some curious people thought the hard pack sands of Ormond Beach would be the perfect place to see how fast a race car could go and as a result, racing was born in the Daytona area.

    Male Speaker: And then Speed Kings, Sir Malcolm Campbell and the famous Bluebird, screaming along the sands at Daytona Beach. In its fastest run through a measured mile, Sir Malcolm averaged 276.

    8 miles an hour.

    Sheryl Kahn: A 110 years later and about 10 miles from Ormond Beach, right behind me is the legendary Daytona International Speedway. If you are a racing fan, this is hallowed ground, you simple must see and experience.

    Jole Chitwood: When you imagine coming to the Daytona International Speedway for an event, there are areas that you can't go. You can't go into the garage, you can't go out on the racetrack, you can't understand what the banking is like. For a fan, who comes and takes a visit and understands our tour, you get to go out on the racetrack, we let you sign the start and finish line. You can go in Gatorade Victory Lane, you can actually go through the garage. All the areas that you are not allowed to go to during a race, we actually let you go and visit during the tour itself. How many fans get to do that on a behind the scenes tour of a unique property, like the Daytona International Speedway?

    Sheryl Kahn: If you are racing history buff, you can cross the very ground for Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison range their in famous 79 fight or stand in the spot where Dale Senior celebrated his victory that defined the generation.

    Male Speaker: I think for me it was getting on the track and just seeing an angle of it and just being out, just sharing the time with my son.

    Sheryl Kahn: We're here at the International Speedway Corporation Archives. You have to check this place out. One of the worlds biggest collections of race trophies, race cars, driver memorabilia and one of a kind racing artifacts.

    Male Speaker: We have so much great history having been here for over 50 years, of the unique races that we've hosted in our past, some of the great trophies and programs and memorabilia.

    Sheryl Kahn: You can also be part of a group of select people to see up close the $400 million dollar renovation project in progress to improve the fan experience, a project to be completed in 2016.

    Depending on how much time you have or what your interest may be there is a whole range of tours to choose from. If the histories and tours dont truly do it for you and you would like to actually get behind the wheel and feel the track, from a 600 horsepower NASCAR race car, the Richard Petty driving experience allows you to do just that.

    This is Sheryl Kahn reporting from Daytona Beach, Florida.