Using a Price Book

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Coupon expert Erin Gifford discusses how to create a price book to make sure that you are always getting the lowest price on groceries and household items.

    Ering Gifford: I am Ering Gifford of couponcravings.

    com and I am showing you how to save big money using coupons. In this segment, I will focus on how to create a price book to make sure that you are always getting the lowest price on grocery and household items. Every week I pick my weekly grocery ad and check out what's on sale and it can be really enticing to run on and pickup some grocery items especially if you need to stock up your pantry. But by creating a price book where you document what the prices are at various stores, you will know when you really are getting the best deals.

    It's easy to create a price book. Just open an Excel grid or even a piece of notebook paper. Write down everything you buy on a regular basis at the grocery store, right down the prices of the items of two or three stores near you and at a glance then you will always know where the best price is. So that when you get the weekly ads each week you know is the best price there or is at one of these other stores. It also pays to visit a site like couponmom.

    com which tracks the grocery prices of 36 grocery stores as well as all the major drugstores like CVS and Rite Aid. Just go there each week and you will see the weekly sales prices and how they differ from the everyday prices. At the couponmom.

    com, she also tells you if there are any coupons available that you can match against these prices to make the final price even lower. So that's how you create a price book to save money and now we are ready to move on to advanced coupon strategies.