Using Modern Influences to Make Save the Date Cards for a Wedding

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to make save the date cards for your wedding using modern influences.

    Christina Crawford: Hi! I am Christina Crawford and I have been a Stampin' Up demonstrator for 12 years, I just enjoy stamping and sometimes to find something to spur your creativity really is a nice leap, it's a head start and often times you will find something in the mail. Now in this segment I am going to show you how to find something in the mail or see something and creating your own to make a Save the Date Card for your wedding. This came into the mail and I thought it was just so beautiful and elegant and held on to it and I thought this will a great Save the Date card. So watch how I am going to take this idea and turn it into my own creativity. First, I started measuring and I measured that whole thing and I bought the card stock which is pretty much black and white to go ahead and create that idea and to call it my own. So I went ahead and I took the black card stock and then I cut it and basically it's the same exact size of this advertisement. Next I am going to take a piece of paper and this is a very elegant Save the Date, the wedding is going to be very elegant. Here is a stamp and I am just going to ink that up, just ink that up really well and then go ahead and stamp it right there onto the card stock and because it's very elegant, instead of adding another color I will add a metallic and this is silver and then I can go ahead and stamp this silver right on to it and basically I did this in advance so I will show and I have black, white and silver. Very elegant and nice touch. Then what I did I said, well this is going to be Save the Date so I printed that off on a piece of 8 x 11 card stock and I went ahead and I cut them up. So the next step will just be to take your adhesive and this is the Dotto which is repositionable so if you are a beginner stamper or if you are making something that you really want to make sure that you get it where you want to, it's perfect to use because you can pick that up and move it around. If you want to give a lift or a little bit of a dimension to it, these are little dimensional stickers and they will actually lift that up about a quarter of an inch and I am going to peel the back off of that and stick that right there on the front. Take my adhesive again, get all four corners and put that right down on the front flap. And so far this is what I have and now when I open it up all the information about Save the Date four. This one says Katie Linn and Roberts wedding, will go right inside the card. And if you do want to write on black card stock, it's really nice to have a pretty silver pen. You can use a white gel pen. I wrote my name Christina in silver just to make it pop. If you wanted to go ahead and an embellishment at the bottom, you can. You can take the metallic, will show up beautifully, right there on the black and so you will have that empty space right there. So this is an idea on how you can take something that comes in your mail like an advertisement creating your own embellishment and creativity for the Save the Date card or for any card. This is just one idea after planning a wedding. Thanks and on the next clip watch that because it is the save the Date card as well but I am going to show you how to do a Flat Bow for a wedding invitation, very popular, very easy to mail. Thank you.