Using Smart Thermostats To Manage Energy Usage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Brian Schutt with Homesense Heating and Cooling explains how to use smart thermostats to reduce energy usage in the home.

    Brian Schutt: Hi! I am Brian Schutt, owner of HomeSense Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis. Every homeowner wants to save money on energy bills. Did you know that your homes heating and cooling system accounts for around 50% of your utility bill? Here is the tip to increase your efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

    A smart thermostat can be a great energy saving tool. Smart thermostats have the capability of reminding you when the service is needed and when to change your filter based on run-time. This can keep the system operating at its best, prevent emergency breakdowns and save money on filters. An ignored thermostat can cost homeowners up to a $173 a year.

    Traditional thermostats require constant attention and manual changes to reduce usage during on-peak energy times. Smart thermostats offer remote control and auto-features making it easy and convenient. For example, Carrier's CR Thermostat offers remote access through your computer, tablet or smartphone. So you can easily change your heating and cooling settings even when you are not home.

    Since keeping your heating and air conditioning systems running during those peak hours can be costly, smart thermostats with 7-day programming can offer an easy way to regulate temperatures based on the time of the day. This makes it easy to reduce usage while youre away and bring your home back to the perfect temperature just in time for you to get home.

    Knowing how much energy you use and at what times can help you make those efficient adjustments. Smart thermostats that offer energy used tracking will make smarter decisions regarding temperate programming. Its a common practice to close off vents in certain rooms to increase heating or cooling in more popular areas of the home. But some heating and cooling professionals dont recommend this, instead use a smart thermostat to adjust temperatures in different zones of your home for personalized comfort.

    By incorporating this energy smart tool in to your home, youll be helping the environment and your wallet.

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