Using The Most Popular Gym Machines

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow demonstrates how to use the most popular gym machines.

    John Basedow: The gym is a great place to get in shape of variety of different ways, but the options can be overwhelming. Everybody has their favorite exercises, but here are my picks for the most popular activities at the gym and why they'll always top my list.

    The third most popular activity is the Multi-Station Weight Resistance Machine. Cable exercises allow you to adjust the exact amount of weight you use and train with total control. I love the cable crossover for building the inner chest and for overall peck development and the other stations are great for targeting nearly every muscles in your body.

    Coming in second our Classic Free Weights, the opportunities for different exercise are endless and this is one activity anyone can set themselves up-to-do at home. At the gym use a work out bench to perform inclines declines and flat press exercises.

    Dumbbell curls are great for you biceps and can even be done while watching TV. At the top of my list is indoor cardio. While most people flock to the treadmill, I prefer the Elliptical Cross Trainer, it's easy on the joints and how often can you get cardio that feels like you're walking on a cloud.

    The elliptical is perfect for any level of fitness and makes morning cardio easier, don't do mornings, just 22 minutes a day at lunch or after work is enough to get your recommended a 150 minutes of physical activity a week. The next time you visit the gym give these popular exercises a try and see why they usually have a line.