Vampire Halloween Makeup – Adding Fake Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Roger Bennett Riggle, licensed, professional make-up artist, provides an overview of how to create vampire Halloween makeup including how to add fake hair.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and today we are doing a vampire transformation. We are at the stage now where we want to lay in the fake hair to make Joshua really, really look different and even more menacing. So I will start with the spirit gum adhesive and I am going to take the little disposable brush this time and the adhesive. I am going to apply it to his lip and I want to do a moustache and a goatee. So I am going to come down on the chin with the adhesive, and I get it on quickly because now I have to deal with the hair. So while that's drying and I don't want it to totally dry, I want it to get sticky.

    I am going to move to the hair and remember, we have already basically pulled the hair so I can pull out pieces here and I want the most even piece I can get and for the moustache, I am going to cut the hair in a point on one side and a point on the other side. This way I have pulled out one piece of hair, but I have both sides of the moustache. So they should relatively match in thickness and I am going to make sure I get all the ends cut away in a diagonal, like I want and I am going to take the end of my brush and I take my ring finger and I am going to oxidize that spirit gum, so it gets sticky.

    You must work oxygen into it and I can in fact, feel it getting sticky and the reason I used my ring finger is so I have my other fingers clean to work. Then I put this moustache piece right there and I tack it in with the edge of the brush, just like so. You can curl it up, you can spray it, you can be a ringmaster. I mean there is lots of things you can do with fake hair, it is wonderful. Now for the goatee, I want to pull out some more hair and I am going to cut it rather round, in a semicircle. Then I am going to make sure this is sticky which it is and I want to start at the bottom.

    So I am going to start at the bottom and pull this up. If there is a spot with no spirit gum, go ahead and pull the hair away and you can just discard it. I am going to take another piece, pull out another piece and I will cut that in a round shape the other way, this way. Take my brush and I am going to apply it where the spirit gum is as well. Don't forget when you will apply hair, you have to do it from the bottom up, you can't work backwards with it. Hair grows in layers, so you need to apply it in layers and it has to be from the bottom up, okay. We will put a little piece here, where we have spirit gum. We are pretty good with one side of the goatee. At this point, I will do the same, exact application to the other side of the face.