Vampire Halloween Makeup – Applying Vampire Bites

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Roger Bennett Riggle, licensed, professional make-up artist, provides an overview of how to create vampire Halloween makeup including how to apply the vampire bites.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle, and today we are doing the vampire transformation. In this stage we are going to apply the prosthetics that are molded to look like vampire bites and these particular pieces are handmade by a friend of mine Mr. Steve Meyn (ph) who is a makeup artist. In preparation of these prosthetics I am just going to pull away these paper thin edges on the prosthetic because when they come out of the mold they are a little bit thick on the edges and they roll up which is fine. So you just pretty much by hand pull away the edges like that and then we are going to take our white pencil.

    I use a white pencil because the foundation color that goes over the outline of the pencil covers it up. So it does not show like a dark color like black or brown wood and what I am going to do is to apply a bite basically on one side and one on the other. And of course, you really do not want them too wide apart because they are supposed to look like the incisors, the pointed teeth on a vampire. So I take my pencil sometimes and just measure how wide those incisors are from each other and that gives me a better idea as to where the holes would go.

    So I am just holding my pencil pretty much from hole to hole and I am going to outline then my second piece and that is where the two would go. I am pretty careful about putting them back down exactly as I held them up and in order. The left one on my left side and the right one on my right side, when I put them down, so I do not get confused. I have taken some prosthetic adhesive and I am going to take a disposable brush, this happens to be a disposable lip brush and I am going to paint the prosthetic adhesive and in the makeup business we call it Pros-Aid, for short. And we apply it to the spots where the bites would go and I am pretty much staying inside of the lines.

    I am going to dab it just a little bit to make sure it is nice and even and then I am going to touch it and we will let that dry for just a moment. Now the prosthetic adhesive is drying, so now is the time for me to apply the prosthetic. So I had put the glue on the first bite first, so of course I am going to attach that just like that and the second one I will put in its place. Do not forget with Pros-Aid or prosthetic adhesive it is what it is, you need the remover, you need prosthetic adhesive remover to get these off.

    And I am going to take my pencil or the end of a brush, paint brush, oh, these look good and I am just going to make sure I tap the edges down and get them as nice and smooth as I can and adhered to the skin. The reason you want to put the prosthetics on first is because as we color the face with the foundation we want to go ahead and color the prosthetics as well. Next, we move to applying the foundation color to Joshuas for the vampire transformation.