Vampire Halloween Makeup – Costume Choices

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Roger Bennett Riggle, licensed, professional make-up artist, provides an overview of how to create vampire Halloween makeup including costume choices.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: Hello, my name is Roger Bennett Riggle. Now that we have finished the vampire transformation, we went out and looked at some costumes to be able to give you some options for your vampire transformation in the costuming department. Here is one called Victorian Vampire. So I think this is really more traditional, it is suave and it looks kind of European. What we think of a European Vampire. He has on a nice, decorative vest and vampires, you know we think have capes on and he has got an accessory here of a long walking stick which I think is very, very elegant on this gentleman and you can add black pants and black shoes to the vampire. Here is another option which I like quite a bit. This is called the Covenant and this probably is taken off from a movie and this one has the long elegant coat as a ruffle in the front, very, very pretty vest that seems to match the inside redness of this long, elegant coat with the cuffs on it and the ruffles around the edges. This is a very attractive outfit and this is a very nice, elegant, European traditional outfit for the vampire transformation. Don't forget, I always feel as a makeup artist that when you transform the face and you look totally like somebody else, that is the best Halloween costume and then you just compliment that whole look with the costume instead of just wearing a costume by itself. That will give you the best and wonderful Halloween night.