Vampire Halloween Makeup – Eye & Mouth

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Roger Bennett Riggle, licensed, professional make-up artist, provides an overview of how to create vampire Halloween makeup including how to make a vampire eye and mouth.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and today we are doing a vampire transformation. This is my model Joshua Dubois. At this point, we are going to make vampire eyes. Vampire eyes can be anything you want them to be that goes along with your imagination. The first thing I like to look at is rather evil eyebrows. Another wonderful makeup trick is to line underneath the eye with red because that makes the white of the eye look kind of sickly and red. Then I am going to give him a little bit of an other worldly color by putting in, shall we say, an eye shadow in sky blue color. This is really going to make the eye very big and imaginative for you.

    So let's start with the sky blue color and I am going to ask him to shut his eye and I am going to just put a very little on there. What I want this to look like is just a menacing eye with maybe an other worldly kind of blood flow to these eyes that are looking at night to bite somebody on the neck for some blood. That's what I am looking for. Then underneath the eye and I take another brush, I am going to use a fire red color, a dark red or a true red or a bright red will work and when you are working on the model, if you ask the model to look up and I usually hold my pinky on the nose to steady my brush and then I can just quickly go along from the outside to the inside with a red color. You can see where that makes his eyes look rather evil and menacing.

    Now we go to the brows and the brows, I like to try and change the brows shape a little bit, an angular shape looks kind of mean and I can add some burliness to it to make it look unrolling. So I am going to take black, mainly because we are using black fake hair and black hair on our Dracula and I can start where the brow actually starts and I can fake this brow up and pull it down long this away. When you are doing makeup with a brush it is best to use long strokes instead of little dashes. Just put your brush down and go with it. It is a much better technique and then I can just pull out and feather little menacing wispies from the brow to give him a different kind of look.

    Now what to do with the existing brow is hopefully, I can take a little white and use it as a highlight underneath that eyebrow. So I paint away his real brow and just expose the fake brow. And you can put a lot of makeup on there, it is a real quick, easy way, just to change what you are doing. Good, at this point, I also want to take the black and line the top of his eye, close and I am going to bring it out some too. Again, it is best to do the eye from the outside in, it doesn't buckle on you so badly like that. When he opens, there, we very, very easily transformed his whole eye. We have made it look bigger because we have raised the brow up, we angled the brow and we add some wispies to it to make it look a little menacing and we will do the same, exact application on the other side of Joshuas face.

    Now that we have finished the other eye and I have tried to make sure that they both pretty much match each other, we are going to put some red on the lips, so that it looks bloody and I am going to add a little red to the holes of the prosthetics at the same time. So while his lips are shut, I am just going to put the red across the lips and I can make them bigger, if I want to. Again, with the lips, go from the outside and work in and they won't buckle on you so badly. There and you can really see how that changes things and then I am going to get a little bit more red and I am going to go into here and get to these puncture wounds.

    Just like that, okay. Now that we have applied the lip color and put a little color into the holes of the vampire bites, we are done basically, putting on the coloring, except I will add some more bruise coloring to the prosthetics at the end of the transformation. At this point, you need to set all of the makeup so it lasts for you all night. So next I will show you how to set all of these colors.