Vampire Halloween Makeup – Finishing Fake Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Roger Bennett Riggle, licensed, professional make-up artist, provides an overview of how to create vampire Halloween makeup including how to finish the fake hair.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: I am Roger Bennett Riggle and we are doing a vampire transformation today. Now we have completed laying on the moustache and the goatee part of the beard and now we move into laying fake hair on the widows peak. This is also an extremely easy and transforming way to do your vampire. The first thing I want to do is to take the white pencil and if the model is facing me, then I can quickly draw and kind of where I want this widows peak to fall and I can also make it even before I put the hair in place. A widows peak is also very menacing, so it is a nice effect for the vampire. Again, we take our spirit gum and a brush.

    Now we are working over the models eyes, so we want to make sure that the model shuts his eyes, so that in case the spirit gum drips we do not get it in the eye, okay. If you can turn towards me a little bit that is great and I am going to paint in this area. Now earlier I had mentioned about laying in hair that it has to be from the bottom up, well, that is on the front of the face. If you are actually doing someones head, you have to -- in the back work from the bottom up, so that each layer covers the next. But in this instance we have to put in the top layer first and then the bottom layer because it comes backwards.

    So it is whatever direction you are working in, is how you have to lay the hair in backwards, okay. So once again we will grab our black fake hair, I am going to pull out a pretty good part of it and I want it pretty thick and I am going to cut it, pretty much in a downward rounded configuration because I want to kind of mark his hairline already. Make it a little bit more even, I am going to take my brush. Again, I want to take my finger and pat the spirit gum, so that I get it sticky and it is still rather wet.

    So you really do have to work oxygen into the spirit gum because if it is wet and you put something on it, sometimes it will not stick and hold. So you do want it sticky. It is a very important thing that people do not know and then I am going to lay this hair and right along his hairline. Just like so and then I can pull it back, into his own hair. Next I want to get a nice paste, that is a little thick probably and I am going to cut this into a point of course because this is the widows peak. Sometimes you do not get a cut right the first time, just cut it again. And if you flip the hair, this is a nice trick too.

    If you pull your fingers back and your thumb forward, you shift the hair, so that when they apply they are not in one big, fat mat, they are laid in pretty much like hair growth. So here we have the widows peak and I am going to press that into place. Good and I like it. It looks pretty real, that is what you want, you want it to look very, very, very real, okay. The next thing I will do is to comb through the hair to get it as natural looking as possible for you and we will cut it.

    So the first thing I really want to do is to hold my fingers down on where the hair is attached and I love to use a teasing comb. A teasing comb has like five long metal teeth on it and they really help to style the hair, pull all the loose hairs away, and it gives you a nice, even look to the hair that you have applied. Then I am also going to remove any excess hairs and I hold where I have actually attached it and if I comb through the hair, just a little bit and you can see where it is coming out which is fine. I can make the hair look a little bit more realistic and even.

    There is a little knot right in that hair, see and I can just go ahead and pull that away. There can you see that it is even much more even now, it is not so clumpy. Take your time with it that is important, good. One precaution now, you are cutting around your models mouth with scissors. So be very careful, take your time, make sure you know where those scissors are. So the model will face me now, I slip in right underneath the hair, right along the lip and make sure I am not cutting the lip and all you do is cut out that piece, take your comb and pull it away.

    We will repeat the same thing on the other side and we pull it away, okay. Any little wispies you can cut away and then I take my hand and kind of form the goatee like I wanted and I am going to cut it. You can cut it in any style you want, I left it long and pointy but I think I want him to have a debonair look, so I am going to cut it a little shorter. Then it is better if you do not cut it all flat, so I cut it all flat and then I go back and cut it up on an angle, so that I get a little bit more realistic growth look to the piece. Again, just take your time and make it look as real as you can.

    Now we are set with applying the fake hair and the widows peak and we are going to match Joshuas hair with the fake hair by using colored hair spray and we will show you that technique next.