Vampire Halloween Makeup – Foundation Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Roger Bennett Riggle, licensed, professional make-up artist, provides an overview of how to create vampire Halloween makeup including how to apply the foundation makeup.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and today we are doing a vampire transformation. At this stage, we put on the foundation color and if you remember we have chosen a very light, almost lack of blood color for his skin tone. Before I put on the foundation, I always like to put on a rather heavy moisturizing lotion. Since we have already put on the witch hazel astringent which has really closed up most of the small pores. Now in the larger pores, maybe they did not close, I am really filling them in with moisturizing lotion instead of pigment and makeup again.

    And also when he goes to clean up, when your model goes to clean up, it makes the makeup easier to come off because you have this moisturizing lotion underneath it. The third good thing about using moisturizing lotion is that it helps make creamy the foundation that you are putting on the face. Now we take a non-latex sponge and I am going to swizzle it heavily into the makeup. Remember this color is called Ferrous coded P41. And you can see that I am going to get a nice, creamy application with the makeup on to the skin and I can go right over the lips because we are going to paint their lips a different color.

    So you really want your vampire look to have this kind of not dead looking skin, but lack of blood flow that is why he needs to go out and get blood because he does not have enough hemoglobin. So look up to the ceiling for me, you can use the point of your non-latex sponge to get right underneath the eyes that is why they are cut like this. Okay and we want to go on down the neck and the ears, notice how red the ear is. That is much too healthier look for a vampire so we have to make it lack of blood flow. So you will also just put your hand underneath the ear and press against the ear and get that foundation on.

    You also want to make sure you get the whole hairline and you move on down the neck. When you are really changing someones skin tone drastically, as we are in this case, you want to lay on the makeup because you need the opaque quality of the makeup to make the transformation happen for you. And you can see with the prosthetics that I am really just pressing the makeup on to them because I don't want to rub them and maybe accidentally pull them off. Good. Notice his eyelid too, I am going to put just a little bit on that and if you will close your eye, be careful around the eye, make sure their eye is closed.

    Make sure you tell them what you are doing so that they do not flinch and if they are wearing contacts, you want to know that ahead of time as well. Okay, once you've finished applying the color on the face then you want to go back with your sponge and pat it or this is the technique that we call stippling, much like the same technique in painting when you want to stipple it all and give it some texture. This helps to smooth the makeup out and it gets rid of any creases that are happening and it brings the skin texture back through, so that it does not look fake.

    We want it to look as real as you can get it to look and now I will repeat the exact same process on Joshuas left side of his face. Now we have finished lying on the foundation color and you can already see where it is exposing his profile and his bone structure and we have a really, really good look for this and I think it is a better choice than white. Next, we will move into applying the shadows to the vampire transformation face.