Vampire Halloween Makeup – Highlights

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Roger Bennett Riggle, licensed, professional make-up artist, provides an overview of how to create vampire Halloween makeup including how to add highlights.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and today we are doing a vampire transformation. At this stage, I want to add a few highlights. Highlights are the parts of the face where we want to pop out and where the light is hitting. So I think I am just going to take a little white and add a 3D texture to his face like over the eyebrows so that he has more of a protruding brow ridge and then I am going to go down the front of the nose. So that the nose is longer and a little bit more menacing.

    I can also do the nostrils a little bit and I can put some on the chin. This is very, very subtle and I am going to do some on the upper lip. You can see now where the foundation with the shadow and the highlight is bringing you a more of a 3D effect and what I will just do is slightly tap that and blend it into the foundation, so that it looks really subtle. I always think the best makeup jobs are the ones that are nicely blended. So take your time to blend, it is very important. Then if you want to clean up any little places and blend a little bit more, you can always tap.

    Tapping is a wonderful application process when you are doing makeup, because it removes very, very little makeup, but it also blends your work in together. So now, we have given him a much more of a 3D structure. I am also going into a very, very pale light blue, this color is called the Blithe Spirit and if I want to, I can add kind of an airy bluish tone to the white. Do not forget, I have always said two colors make things two dimensional, three or more colors makes things extremely three dimensional and three dimensional is what you want to look at. I can add a little blue over the cheeks like that and them I am just going to take my fingers and mix the foundation, the white and the blue, altogether just to give him an other worldly strange, mysterious type of look.

    And I keep looking for three dimensional qualities and good. At this blending stage, I am rather satisfied with the highlights and the shadows, now we move into working on the eyes, what kind of eyebrow can we give to our vampire transformation and what can we do with his eyes to make him look more or like a vampire.