Vampire Makeup – Eyes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Christopher Patrick demonstrates how to apply vampire eye makeup.

    Christopher Patrick: Hi! I am Christopher Patrick, special effects artist and we are here with Daniel at the Tom Savini Special Effects Makeup School turning her into a vampire bride. We have already fitted her for her teeth and done her foundation, highlights and shadows. Now we are going to continue on with her makeup look. We are going to do a real dramatic eyeshadow look. So I am going to start by using a real nice pearly white eyeshadow and it doesn't matter what brand, just some nice pearly white is going to be great. Close your eyes for me.

    So I really just want to coat her entire lid area and all the way up over her eyebrow with this white. And I am going to bring it down a little at the corner of the eye and near the nose because we really want to create an effect that it's moving upward. And then I also apply a little of this underneath her eyes just to sort of tie the makeup together. So could I have you look up at the ceiling? I am really going to keep this real flush to the eyelash line. You want to create a real dramatic eye look because a vampire bride should be able to hypnotize you with her beautiful eyes.

    So next I am going to use a deep dark bluish purple to create her crease line. This particular one is an Urban Decay color called Mayhem that I really like. It is an iridescent purple blue. I am going to apply this in an arc and then I am going to bring it up real high on the sides. So now I have got my purple in place. I am also going to use a little color called Perversion which is dark bluish black. I am just going to line the edges with this a little, making it a little more dramatic.

    Okay, so now her eye shadow is in place. I am going to take a nice big loose powder brush and I am going to have her look up at the ceiling. I am just going to sort of get rid of any powder that has fallen. And our next step to making the eyes look great is to use a nice black eyeliner. People always have their preferences on eyeliner. My particular favorite is Ben Nye black-aqua Cake eyeliner. It's really nice because it is water activated. You put it on with a brush and it just has a lot of control. I am going to use a type-angled eyeliner brush to apply this. It is just going to give you a real smooth line to work from.

    Alright so I am going to use a little water with this. I am going to have her close her eyes, and I am going to line right on top of her eyelash line and I am going to do it really pretty thick, because we want a lot of black going on right around her eye line. At the outer corner of the eye I am going to extend off and up, giving an exaggerated dough eye look. And at the inner corner I am going to extend down too. You do have to have your model keep their eyes closed for a little while if you are using a product like this so that it has time to dry.

    Alright, I am going to let that dry for a moment and while it's drying, I am just going to take this opportunity to go ahead and put some eyebrows on her. I am going to use a black eyeliner pencil to do this and really, I am going to follow her natural brow line that when I get about three-quarters away across her brow, I am going to bring it up to give it a more dramatic angle. And if you are doing a male vampire, taking a black pencil and really just sharpening out the edges of their eyebrows is going to do a world of good and you can bring their eyebrows up at a little angle too. It just adds a dramatic effect.

    Okay so it looks like my eyeliner in pretty dry. So at this point I am going to have her look up and I am going to eye line underneath her eyes as well. What I am going to do this time is I am going to start at this point that I have created and I am really going to go pretty much way below her natural line of her eye because we want her eyes to look really big and dramatic and we did put that white eyeshadow beneath her eyes. And you can see we are really no where near her lash line on the bottom but because that white eye-shadow is in there, it is just going to make her eyes look so much bigger.

    And to finish up the look of her eyes, we are just going to use a nice glossy black mascara and I am going to put it on heavily just on the top lashes. If you are doing mascara, one of the big hints is to grab and lift right above the eyebrow because it separates the hairs from the edge of the eyelid and you have much less chance of hitting the eyelid. There we go! So now her eye-shadow is done and now we can work on her lipstick.