Vampire Makeup – Finishing the Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Christopher Patrick demonstrates how to finish the vampire makeup look.

    Christopher Patrick: Hi I am Christopher Patrick! I am the special effects make up artist at the Tom Savini Special Effects Makeup School, and we are finishing up our vampire bride look here on Danielle.

    Next step is we are going to refit the teeth. We have already filled them with the putty and got them the right shape, but I am going to use a little Fixodent Cream to make sure they stay in for the whole night. So I am just going to apply a little right inside the tooth, and I am going to have her open up and I am just going to put it right back in the place. You will have to hold the teeth in for just a minute. Fixodent takes a few minutes to set up.

    Okay, now that her teeth have been placed, I am going to take a little bit of Ben Nye stage blood and we will just run it at the corners of her mouth, like a naked vampire.

    So we are just going to finish up her look with some accessories. We have this great little Transylvanian amulets and a wig for her. And then we go; we have the beautiful vampire bride waiting to suck the blood out of everyone she can find.