Vampire Makeup – Lips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Christopher Patrick demonstrates how to apply vampire lip makeup.

    Christopher Patrick: So now that her eyeliner is done, we are going to continue on and do her lips. I am going to line her lips in the same black pencil that I used on her eyebrows. But because I used them on her eyebrows first and I am now going to go near her mouth, what you want to do is, you want to sharpen the pencil again. This gets any bacteria off the pencil and doesn't transfer it to another part of the body. What I want to do is make a really sharp lip effect, so I am going to start in the middle around the philtrum and just do two lines almost straight up and then from that I am going to come straight down to the corner of her mouth.

    On the lower lip, I am going to start in the middle and go straight across and then bring it up to the corners, joining the two lines. On the lips themselves you don't have to worry about being too precise because we are going to blend this black into our lip color to create a multi-dimensional color. So next step, I am going to use a color called Marilyn Red and I am going to fill the lips with and sort of try and blend a little of that black in so you get a nice eerie fade. I am going to apply the lipstick with a brush. I like a nice soft brush to do this. And then I am going to load my brush up with lipstick and I am going to slowly go around and sort of gently blend that black line into the lipstick.

    So next step to finish the look on her face, I am just going to use a nice red blusher. But I am going to put it really high up on her cheek bones and again this is just not to bring too much color in the face but to draw the eye upward and really play with the idea that she is a vampire. And lastly I am going to use a Ben Nye Lumiere Ice powder. And this is very, very delicate powder that has a whole bunch of shine in it and its going to give her a very otherly-world quality.

    Alright so we have finished doing the makeup on her face and now we just sort of have to treat the other areas that the costume isn't covering up. We are going to switch to a different makeup. It is the same color blue spirit from Ben Nye but this is in a cake form. It is water activated, it is a powder makeup. It is just not going to come off so easily on the costume or on the things that Daniel touches while she is being a vampiress. Alright, so now we have finished with the majority of her makeup and coming up we will finish up her vampire look with a wig, refitting her teeth and adding some blood so she is ready to go out for a night on the town.