Vampire Makeup – Preparing Teeth

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Expert Christopher Patrick demonstrates how to prepare teeth for vampire makeup.

    Christoper Patrick: Hi! I am Christoper Patrick. I am a special effects artist and we are here at the Tom Savini Special Effects Makeup School at Douglas Education Center, and I am turning Danielle Mills into a vampire bride today. The first step that we are going to do is we are going to apply some, some vampire fangs to her. Vampire fangs come in all sorts of different types. There is the traditional little plastic filthy ones that you just pop in. But right now in the market there's all sorts of great, like denture appliances, that range in price anywhere from like $5 to about $30, and they are reusable. I just grabbed like a really cheap brand to use. Today we have these little fangs and how you apply them is you use a little putty. I have part A and part B here on my spatula and you are going to mix part A which is the base and the catalyst in equal proportions and it's going to form a bond inside these teeth. So they will be able to take in and out of the mouth and use it over and over again. So all I am going to do to start off here is I am going to mix part A and part B thoroughly together and you can do this with your fingers. And you just want it to be an even color tone. They make them different colors, so you can tell when they are thoroughly mixed when it's not marbleized anymore, you've got a thorough mixture. Also this stuff takes about five minutes to set up, so you do have a little bit of work time with it. Once it is all mixed up, you are going to take these teeth and they are just these little hollow caps. And you are going to find out where they go in the mouth, Danielle can I see your teeth? And we are going to put them right back here. They don't match our teeth, but after the makeup is done, you'll really not going to see anything except the fangs. So it won't matter that the color doesn't match very well. So you are going to figure out what tooth it goes on and then all you have to do is take a little bit of this putty that is throughly mixed up and place it inside the tooth cap. And you want to fill it up pretty well, get it nice and full in there so that then you can push it up into the tooth. So I am going to start, we are going to put this in and I am going to have Danielle hold it in place for me. You just want to put right on the tooth. So once you have both the teeth in place, you have to hold them in the mouth for about five minutes while this filling sets up inside them.

    Okay, so now five minutes has gone by and the stuff inside these has set up. So we are just going to gently grab them and wiggle them back and forth until they pop right out. And that way we can just take a little poligrip and stick them right back in.