Vampire Makeup – Shading & Highlights

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup Artist Christopher Patrick demonstrates shading and highlights for vampire makeup.

    Christopher Patrick: Hi! I am Christoper Patrick, special effects artist and we are here turning Danielle into a vampire's bride. We have just foundationed her with Blue Spirit to take out the living tones of her flesh and now we are going to start doing some shadows and highlights to change some of the shapes of her face. I am going to use the Misty Violet from the Ben Nye Ghoul Kit as our shadow color and I am going to use some straight-up white to be our highlight color. My goal with this is to hollow out her cheeks and make her cheekbones a little higher and just to sort of sharpen up the angles of her face. So I am going to start with the misty violet.

    I am going to run this down underneath her cheekbone and sort of make a hollow. Also I am going to trace around her jawline and make it real nice and sharp. We will do a little shadow to deepen the line of her chin. And just to sort of separate some of the shapes of her face, I am going to run a shadow down from her eyebrow all the way down her nose and then pull it back over her nostril cap at an angle just to begin to sharpen her face. And we have a little ridge right here in her skull. So I am going to bring the shadow up from her eyebrow up into her hairline to sort of define the skull a little more. I am going to repeat all this on the other side.

    So once I have all of these shadows on, I am going to add a little highlight. You know what, let's do one more shadow right here in the temple to kind of bring out the skull. So now I am just going to take a pure white cream makeup to do some highlighting with. And basically I am going to bring this along the top of her cheekbone since we sank her in, we want something to really accentuate the cheekbone. I am going to take a little stripe of this and go down the center of her nose and apply some to the center of her forehead. If you are doing a male vampire you might not want to put this highlight in the middle of the forehead. The difference in the male and female skull is that men have flat foreheads while women have domed foreheads. By putting this little extra bit of light we are really, really playing up the femininity of her forehead. And I am going to go right above that shadow on the jaw-line. Put a little on the center of her chin as well.

    Okay, so now what I have to do is take these little places without highlight, light it and I am going to blend it in. So get this last little spot on and then I am going to use my sponge to blend everything together. I always like to go back to the same sponge that I used with my foundation color. That's going to make your blending a lot easier. When you are blending, you want to soften the makeup but you don't want to remove the makeup. So basically you are just going to sort of go in little circular motions and soften this up so it becomes highlights and shadows.

    So right now since I have only blended one side, you can really see the difference between the two that the colors just all sort of bleeding into each other softly to bring about illusions where this side is all still real harsh. Okay, so this is basically her foundation, her highlights and her shadows. If you want to go into more drama, you can add shadows down in the neck, really bring out the muscles. I am not going to do that yet because with the costume she has, it's a little lower cut and I am going to use a different type of makeup so we don't soil the costume. Next thing I am going to do is I am going to work on creating her eye shadow look and her lip color look.