Vegetable Preparation – Make Broccoli Florets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Robert Nassar from Dinner Done demonstrates how to prepare broccoli florets for dinner.

    Robert Nasser

    Robert Nasser is the owner of Dinner Done's Centreville, VA store. Robert has been involved in the kitchen in one form or another from age 6. A past owner of 2 restaurants in Venezuela, he knows what good food is made of: great ingredients and great recipes. Concern for the way our eating habits are changing, especially since more and more households are extremely busy places, played a big part in his decision to license a Dinner Done store in Virginia from his brother and sister in law in Florida. Filling the need for healthy meals, while getting families back around the dinner table is a major reason for Dinner Done's success. His international background and love of travel have given Robert a unique perspective on foods and ingredients, and how best to marry them to obtain new tastes and flavors. When coming up with new recipes for his customers, Robert can draw upon this experience to enable them to try new ideas without sacrificing taste or nutrition. A self confessed recipe book addict, he has accumulated over 50 cookbooks in 3 languages. These rarely stay on a shelf, as he uses them almost daily!

    Hello, Im Robert Nassar from Dinner Done. Were talking about basic vegetable prep today. Right now were going to show you how to deal with broccoli. Were going to assume that youve washed your broccoli under cold running water. It should never be warm or hot water that you wash your vegetables like broccoli and others in, use cold running water. Once youve done that, get rid of these little leaves that are here on the side, just by pulling them, like so. What were going to do now is were going to get what they call the crowns or the florets of the broccoli. Using your cutting board that has a towel underneath it so that it doesnt slip, and a knife, lay your broccoli down, make a first cut to where you get most of the branches, but not yet separate, if you will. Now weve got a little bit more manageable piece of broccoli to deal with. Youre not going to really need this unless you plan to puree it for a soup or for a cream of broccoli of some sort. Were going to assume youre not going to need it today. Next youre going to notice the broccoli seems to look almost like several tress, if you will, or crowns or florets growing together. So, to get them into individual pieces, we first lay our broccoli down on our cutting board, and cutting as close as we can while still leaving some of the stock, we will manage to separate most of them. Heres one that came apart already. For the rest, as you can see theyre still joined at the base, and now its very simple. Pick them off one by one to a size that you would like to have. If you would like to keep bigger chunks of florets together, you can leave them this size, or keep peeling them off until you feel youve got what you want. For the rest of these I could probably just go ahead and cut a little bit more off of the trunk, and now continue to take the florets apart. Thats how you get broccoli florets.