Versatility of Smoothing & Straightening Services

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julie Merritt, professional hairstylist in the industry for over 10 years, discusses the versatility of smoothing and straightening services.

    Julie Merritt: Hi! My name is Julie Merritt. I am a professional hairstylist. I have been in the industry for over 10 years, as well as a platform artist for hair care companies.

    On my friend Melissa here today, we have previously smoothed her hair with a smoothing service. As you can see, she has incredible amount of shine, as well as, strength and smoothness to her hair. However, this is just one possibility how she can wear her hair. She has the option of wearing it smooth, sleek and very, very beautiful. However, there are sometimes, we want to change it up and add a little bit more texture and animation to the hair. However, it's not always our own animation that we want to add. So today I'm going to be working with my Babyliss Nano Titanium Iron. I am going to be working through small sections of Melissa's hair. Taking vertical sections, and working with a thermal iron spray. Working with a thermal iron spray is always very important. It creates the heat barrier between the hair fiber and your heating appliance. Whether it's a flat iron or a curling iron, you really want to create a lot of protection for that hair. So working with my Nano Titanium Iron, I'm going in just off the mid roots and pulling that hair down. Now, as I take that vertical section, I just twist it around. The real look I want to create here is a real fun, beachy bohemian type of a wave. Something, that you don't have to go through and curl the whole head of hair, but you can just take subsections throughout the hair to give this a perfect finish. Another great way to create fun texture in the hair is working in a reversible method. When I work with these sections, I can work going forward, as well as, away from the head. That gives irreversible changing textures, which is a really fun finish on the hair. So as you're looking for your flat iron, one thing to keep in mind, as you're purchasing your iron, is talking to your licensed stylist about what iron to use. One thing that's very important is using an iron that has a temperature gauge. You want to treat the hair as if it were a fabric. You wouldn't use the same temperature on a fine silk as you would on linen or wool. And so thinking about the hair in this manner, you can adjust the iron and the temperature that suits that hair fabric. Now I am going to continue working around Melissa's hair with my iron, giving that beautiful texture to her hair. We'll be right back to show you her finished look.

    So as you can see, I finished Melissa's curly, animated look. This is a completely different look than what she started with. She came in with thick, coarse, curly, very frizzy hair. So, in order to tame that curl, to eliminate that frizz and adjust that wave, what we used is RUSK AntiCurl with Kerashine Conditioning. What this allowed us to achieve is complete flexibility and versatility on Melissa's hair. Whether or not, we're going for something sleek and sexy, very, very smooth or to something more playful and fun with these bohemian type waves, utilizing a smoothing service is the way to go. Be sure to consult your licensed stylist in order to figure out which smoothing service is right for you.

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