Vertical Jigging Over Deep Brush

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Expert crappie guide shows us how to vertical jig over deep brush.

    Chris Bullock: Hi! I am Chris Bullock, Expert Crappie Guide here on Kerr Lake. What I want to talk to you about today is vertical jigging over deep water brush. First, you want to select your jig right weight and right color. The weight that I normally use is 1/8th of ounce; color depends on the water clarity. A light color jig bull clear water a darker chartreuse or orange jig for stain water.

    Next, you want to count down your jig, my jig sink one foot per second you want to stop it ten foot, count down 10 seconds and stop. If the fish are real active as they are normally in the summer time you want to use a yo-yo method, this method is just up and down, up and down and a pause every now and then. If the fish are inactive or sometimes in the winter you just need to drop the jig, count it down to the desired depth and hold it still.

    Lastly, if the conditions are really tough or in hot pressure days in the summer you can tip your jig with the minnow and get a few more bites. And that's how you use a jig vertically over deep water brush.