Video Production Tips – Framing Your Shots

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Video expert David Rotan shares tips for framing the perfect shot.

    David Rotan: Hi! I am David Rotan, Video Production Manager with Monkeysee.

    com. Right now we are going to talk about some basic camera framing techniques that will help you frame and shoot the perfect shot for your video. There are three basic shots for shooting a video, there is a wide shot or also known as a master shot, where you can see a little bit more of the action, it's wide, you can see around the room, you can see most of the expert, the person, the subject in the shot and what they are doing. Then there is a medium shot, which might be a little tighter, and then there is a close up shot, which would be for instance a close up of what my hands are doing as I am making the sandwich in this shot, that would be a close up. A close up could also of course be on my face, just from about shoulders up. So keep these three shots, wide shot, medium and close up in mind when you are shooting your video, so that when you get into the editing process, you can cut between them. You can cut from the wide shot to the close up of their hands, as they are actually demonstrating what they are making or building. You want to pay attention to the head room. Now head room refers to exactly that, the amount of room above the head of your expert, your subject matter, as they are speaking to the camera. And you want to avoid putting their head directly in the middle of your frame, it just looks really weird with all this dead empty space above their head, it's just not very professional. You want to try to leave just a minimum amount of space, just the top of their head and may be about an inch or two, to properly frame it up. It just looks a lot more professional and it doesn't distract the viewer and draw their eye to all this dead empty space above them. So that's the concept of head room and basic framing, wide shots, medium shots and close ups.