Visit An Egyptian Statue In New York

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cleopatra’s Needle, a relatively obscure Central Park landmark, offers a taste of authentic Egyptian history in the middle of modern day Manhattan.

    Steven Davis: Central park receives approximately 35 million visitors annually making it the most visited urban park in the United States. What may surprise you is how few people even New Yorkers know that within it there is an ancient Egyptian bruin.

    Male Speaker: You have to ask people what's inside the park.

    Female Speaker: No, I didn't know anything about the Egyptian it would.

    Male Speaker: Nothing, I know nothing about it.

    Male Speaker: Cleopatra's Needle.

    Male Speaker: Somewhere over there and behind this one.

    Frank Culla: Not many people know about the obelisk, they have seen photos of it but some tour guides almost always come here with groups.

    Steven Davis: Sometimes called Cleopatra's Needle, The Obelisk or Stone Pillar is located at the 84th street entry next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Male Speaker: Brief history of The Obelisk is that it was built about 3600 years ago and it was erected in a city in Egypt called Heliopolis. Later on in history about 1880 the government of Egypt as a gift to the US gave the US this obelisk and it was shipped over from Egypt to New York City.

    When it was built there were two of them in front of a temple and they stayed there for quite a long time. This one came to New York and the other one went to London.

    Steven Davis: The Obelisk was so heavy that in order for it to be erected at its current location it had to be slowly transported across Manhattan over the course of a year in three different parts. The encryptions on The Obelisk grated by Ramesses II to commemorate his military victories.

    So the next time, you're wandering central park don't miss your chance to check out one of the oldest artifacts and kept secrets in New York City. This is Steven Davis in New York.