Vodka Drinks – How to Make a Bloody Mary

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional bartender Joshua Dubois mixes up a bloody mary.

    Joshua Dubois

    Joshua has bartended in several bars including The Pub in Brooklyn and Fatso's Lawrence, Kansas. Mixing drinks has been a passion for Josh since childhood when he used to mix his milk and chocolate syrup flair style on the playground. He then went through the school of hard knocks at The Pub in NYC under a career bartender whom had been bartending since the age of 13 in Ireland. He then spent two years at Fatso's Public House and Stage in Lawrence, KS under the supervision of bartending master Gavin Smith. He now resides in the DC metro area and bartends for private parties.

    Hi, I am Josh Dubois and today we are making vodka drinks. Right now, we are going to make the ultimate hangover cure, the Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary is the one drink that you can make to taste. There are no set rules for how to make a Bloody Mary, only guidelines and that s what I m going to show you today is the guidelines. So, feel free to make it however your customer or you want it to taste. You are going to want to start off with a decent amount of ice. In fact, you are going to want to fill up the cup to the top with ice. The reason for this is, the cup that you are actually making this drink in is the cup that you are going to be serving it in which is not usually the case with most drinks. So, fill it to the top with ice then you are going to use a vodka. Now, the Bloody Mary originated in Paris in 1920s and was named after Queen Mary Tudor who was actually famous and earned the nickname Bloody Mary for her prosecution of the Protestants. So, today we are going to be making this. You are going to be taking and you are going to be using two ounces or this much vodka in the actual drink. So, one, two, three, four. Next, you are going to be adding tomato juice. Now, I say these are guidelines, but there is pretty much tomato juice in all Bloody Marys and you can buy the pre-made Bloody Mary mix but it s definitely not as good as making it from scratch and I like the spicy tomato juice. So, you are going to want to pour it and leave yourself a little room to work at the top because after this, it s all spices and ingredients that you just use a tiny amount with. So, the main ingredients are vodka and tomato juice and it s about equal amounts of each of them, about two ounces of both of them. Next, you are going to add some lemon juice and this is really just to taste also but a little squirt should do here. Now, this ingredient is not always necessary but I think it makes the taste really nice and that s steak sauce. You want to put just a little bit of that in there. Now, keep in mind all these ingredients that you are putting on the top are very, very strong tasting. So, when you add them they are going to be adding a lot of flavor in, it could be too spicy or too flavorful for your taste. Next, you are going to want to add Worcestershire sauce, just a little bit of that as well, one to two dashes and next, hot sauce. You can add as much or as little as you want. It is just going to make it spicy or not spicy, so you can add one dash, we are going to go with three here. The next two ingredients are pretty much in all Bloody Marys and that is a little bit of pepper and a little bit of salt. Now, you are ready to shake your Bloody Mary. Shaker tin on top, turn it over and shake. Now, you are not going to shake this is as much as you shake say, a martini or something like that because you are not really that worried about like actually, like breaking up the ice and really getting everything chilled because the ice is going to stay in it. So, you just want to give it a little bit of a shake, turn it back over.

    Now sometimes, what s happened here is, it sticks on really tight and what you can do, you can pull it off, sometimes if you have to, you can use the lever to pull it off like that. So, next, you are going to want to garnish with a piece of celery, you could use also olives or you can even use pickles. The last thing that I m going to show you is something that is kind of a little fun trick to do with the straw and the reason you want to do this is because it just makes the drink that much more pretty and it will help you get a lot better tips or it will entertain your guests a lot more. What you want to do is you want to take a straw with a wrapper on it, pull the straw out to about there keeping it inside the wrapper. Next, you fold it over and you start to twist it. Twist it around and you want to take out this little bit of like, this little bit of the end of it right there. So, you want to twist that around, nice and tight and wrap it all the way down like so. Then, when you let it go, it has got a nice little, curly Quite, put it in and serve your Bloody Mary like that. That is how you make a Bloody Mary. Next, we are going to be making a Cosmopolitan.