Wakeboarding – Edging

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wakeboard Expert Billy Garcia demonstrates edging on a wakeboard.

    Belly Gracia: Hi, I am Belly Gracia, Owner and Coach of Freeride Wakeboard School. I am showing you how to get started in wakeboarding. Now, I am going to show you how to edge on your wakeboard.

    First thing I am going to show you is how to maneuver your board and board control. Obviously, there is a heel side and a toe side edge to your board. To go heel side, you want to sit back like you sit on a chair on your heels and lean back away from the boat. You will be able to go heel side this way.

    To go to toe side, you want to roll the ball of your feet over your toes also away from the boat and over your chest, and you will be able to cruise toe side. An important thing about board control and maneuverability is that you want to be pretty much 50-50 on the board. You don't want to be back-foot heavy.

    If you are back-foot heavy, you are going to be plowing water and it's going to be hard for you to go the direction you want to go in. As soon as you can put a little bit of weight on the front foot and the board can kind of play now like this, you will be able to cruise the direction you want to go in a lot easier.

    The next step in getting good board control is be able to edge back and forth. So what I'd like to do is do it have a edging drill. What you want to do is stay inside the boat, and then edge heel side and toe side inside the wakes without going outside across in the wakes.

    So what you are going to do is sit down on your board evenly, lean back on your heels, sit back away from the boat and then go heel side. Go all the way to the edge of the wake and then stop and transition up over to the ball of your feet and on your toes.

    That will make you go toe side and you will be able to cruise all the way to the right. Go all the way to the right of the wake, toe side, transition again over to your heels and go heel side. Repeat this several times going back and forth inside the wake, so that you learn what it's like to actually edge back and forth heel side and toe side. Now, you are ready to go outside the wake. Obviously, you are going to have to come back in, so we are going to talk about both of those things.

    Its pretty much the same except for you going to follow through with your edging and your leaning up and over the wake. What you are going to have to do, one of the key points is, bend your knees, as you go over the wake, but also don't pull on the handle. That's a very important factor.

    You just want to leave the hand out in front of you, lean back on your heels and follow through up and over that wake and bend your knees. As you come down the wake, you want to also continue edging the direction you are going.

    You don't want to let off your edge and get rocked back to opposite direction. So for example, if you are going up over heel side, you want to get back on your heels, sit back away from the boat, go over the wake with your knees bent and then when you are outside the wake, continue edging out the wake about 10 feet.

    That's going to ensure that you are stable and you don't lose your balance. Same thing for toe side. As you go up over the wake toe side, bend your knees, but also stay over your toes and keep edging outside the wake about 10 feet, so that you can keep your balance, and not lose control of your board. Next, I am going to show you your first beginner wakeboard tricks.