Wakeboarding Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wakeboard Expert Billy Garcia provides wakeboarding tips.

    Billy Garcia: Hi! I am Billy Garcia, owner and coach of the Freeride Wakeboard School. I am showing you how to get stared in Wakeboarding. Now, I am going to leave you the few key things to remember while you are Wakeboarding. One of the important things to remember is not to skip steps in wakeboard beyond your means. This means be safe, don't do things that you shouldn't be doing. Learning your basics first and then you can follow that up with more difficult tricks. Also make sure you learn things small and don't take them big until you have the correct body position or the correct foundation in basics to take them bigger. For example, when you are first learning your jumps, you don't want to go crazy and do the entire jump, the entire wake, if you don't have the correct body position. So, make sure you learn things small, do a smaller jump, make sure your body and your form and your board control is there before you just try to go crazy and jump the entire wake. This is definitely a key to help prevent injuries.

    Some other key things to remember is to have the correct fitting gear. It is really important, this is going to prevent injuries. So, make sure that your wakeboard boots and your life jacket are properly fitted. Make sure you have a driver that's safe and also never exceed the speed of the skill of the rider. Which means don't go too fast, slower is better than faster, this is going to help prevent injuries and make Wakeboarding a lot more fun for you. Okay, the things we went over today are going to help you get start in Wakeboarding. Make sure you apply them properly, go out there and have fun Wakeboarding.