Walk-in Bathtubs – Physical Considerations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Most people considering a walk-in tub are concerned about continuing mobility. Learn about how to keep this in mind when selecting a new walk-in bathtub.

    Gary Uhl: Hello! My name is Gary Uhl from American Standard. Today I want to talk about the role of mobility when choosing a walk-in tub. Most people considering a walk-in tub are concerned about continuing mobility. Of importance is a seat that is high enough to accommodate a person with strength and balance issues. You want to be sure that it's easy to enter, sit down, and get up again.

    The seat should be in chair-height for the best ease and comfort. At that height, be sure that the sides of the top are high enough to fully immerse a person while seated. Is there enough room for your legs and knees to sit comfortably? Is this the seat contoured to be comfortable and to provide good back support. Of great importance is the height of the threshold off of the floor. Is it low enough to make it easy to walk in and out of the tub. Tubs on the market today have thresholds that range from 2 inches to over 7 inches. Look for a tub with the threshold of around 3 1/2 inches or less. Also consider the door some open inward, some open outward, some slide forward and back. Make sure that the door allows enough from room to maneuver and that the handle is easy to operate. Also consider the construction of the door and the frame to determine how well it'll holdup over the time in use. Your best bet is to pick a tub that has a warranty against leaks. These are all mobility issues that you need to consider when choosing a walk-in tub. The greater ease and mobility that you have in your bathroom will determine how long you're able to stay in your home environment during your time of need.