Warming Up for Calligraphy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Calligraphy expert Joanne Wasserman shows some exercises to warm your hands up for calligraphy.

    Joanne Wasserman: Hi! I am Joanne Wasserman and my studio is Wasserman Design and I am teaching you how to master the art of Calligraphy with the Chancery Cursive script and we had ruled our lines for writing the alphabets letters. But to begin writing with this pen, I wanted to show you some ways to warm up your hand and get into the groove and the flow of wet ink and a very wide writing instrument.

    So, this is the C-0 Speedball pen in the generic pen holder, dip it in my ink which is not floating anywhere since I have taped it down and I use my tester which I have taped beside my table or my paper, so that I can get a sharp line, that is all. I will be using this a lot and then just to get a flow, I can pick anywhere on a blank sheet of paper. So, the middle is fine and just wick over the pen on the surface of the paper to make sure that the ink is flowing and then you can just move the pen, so that you can get it to keep on writing.

    Now, I took so we can do it again and go further along and it is an exercise to just loosen up your hand to get the pen to flow as you are moving it, not to let the pen get run away from you. You can just make up all different kinds of doodles that get the pen moving, that is does not break up or that break up the line, so that your ink is not clogged or that you know how much pressure you have to push to get the ink to flow out of the pen. You could setup the whole page, you can do straight lines and run them parallel to one another, so that they have a rhythm and that gives you a sense of control that you can write different shapes and marks and have them be uniform.

    Pushing the pen vertical, vertically across the paper is another effort, the pressure that you apply to your pen to get the ink to flow, you could do zigzags and then you can start making curvy shapes as if. Just do this for a while until your hand is relaxed that the ink is flowing and you feel ready to write. Now, here is an example of doodle warm up exercises that I had done earlier that fills the whole page. So, now we are ready, our hand in warmed up for ready to begin writing our alphabet letters, we will start with the small letters of the alphabet of Chancery Cursive script.