Washing and Conditioning Curly Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Annie Hathorn, hairstylist at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar demonstrates how to style curly hair including tips for shampooing and conditioning the hair.

    Hi! I am Annie Hathorn, a hairstylist here at Tangerine Dream Beauty Bar. Our video today is how to style curly hair. In this segment, we will be shampooing and conditioning Kelly's hair with the proper shampoo and conditioner for curly hair and we'll show you some techniques on how to shampoo and condition in a way that helps you achieve a better end result with your curls.

    First, we will take it back here into the shampoo bowl. Here I have a lot of people don't realize that there are curly hair shampoos and conditioners out there. Today, I will be using Redken's Fresh Curls for Kelly to achieve a nice, pretty end result with her curl.

    So first, we're going to wet her hair down. We've already brushed it out to make sure there is no tangles in it before we shampoo it. You always want to make sure that the water is nice and warm before you apply it to somebody's hairs.

    I have my shampoo and just work it in starting at the scalp, really massaging it into the scalp and it will work its way down to the end. Now I am going to rinse. I am actually going to do a second shampoo because a lot of times curly hair has a lot of product in it and it's good to really cleanse that product and make sure the hair is sufficiently clean.

    Once the product is sufficiently rinsed out of the hair, I like to squeeze some of the water out and then we'll apply our conditioner. Sometimes with curly hair, you want to use a little more conditioner than the average person might and start the conditioner on the ends of the hair and work out towards the scalp.

    You want to start at the ends because the ends of the hair are really what need the moisture and you don't want conditioner right at the scalp that will way it down. So that's why you start at the ends and then work out the hair.

    Then, with curly hair, I like to use a wide tooth comb like this or it can be a pick and comb through the hair when it's wet, because we don't want to comb through the hair once we've rinsed out the conditioner because that can loosen the curl.

    So while we have the conditioner on the hair, I am going to very gently comb to the hair to take out tangles and really distribute the conditioner through the hair nicely. This also allows the conditioner to sit on a little bit longer which a lot of times curly hair is a little bit drier in nature. So it's good to have a nice several minutes of conditioning on there.

    Once this all comes through, you can rinse off the conditioner. Now when we are drying the hair you want to be very careful with your towel not to rub too hard because that can rough the hair up and make the curl pattern not quite as nice. You want a more patted dry. You want to ring water out of it with your hands first and then gently pat, don't rub with the towel. Okay, you can come on up. That was how to shampoo and condition curly hair. Now I'll be putting products through her hair that will help us achieve a nice finished curl.