Washing Your Car

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mike Daiuto from Pro Clean demonstrates how to wash your car.

    Mike Daiuto

    It all started in my early teens washing cars in the back of my fathers barber shop. After eight years in the United States Secret Service, I made an unsuccessful run for the United States House of Representatives in 1980. In 1981, I decided to start my own business, Pro Clean of Tysons Corner, Inc. After 26 years of success, we are still washing and detailing cars from Volkswagons to Rolls Royces and have grown to be one of the largest detailing businesses in the Washington DC area. “It takes more than a bucket and a hose to clean a car”, Washingtonian Magazine, 1986

    Hi, I am Michael, Pro Clean of Tysons Corner. Today, were learning how to wash a car.

    Lets get it to the body wash on it, let's get started. First thing we need again is make sure the mitt is nice and soaked with suds, so that it moves along. When you get a mitt, most of them are made to put your hands in them. Dont put your hands in them, that way you can use it upside down and you keep flipping it and you keep it wet.

    Start, do a section at a time of the car. Doesnt matter if you go in circles or you go back and forth, but just make sure you get every part of it, and go from top to bottom, get every section of it, because the parts you missed, are the ones that are going to stick out.

    Get the windows, all the chrome, everything on the basic wash. When you get to the handles, make sure you just stick that end of it, stuff it into the handles, behind the mirrors, stick it behind the mirrors, just like you are polishing a pair of shoes, pull your windshield wiper blades up, get underneath the windshield wiper blades, and just get everything cleaned, and behind the mirrors all the way down.

    Remember, just try to a section at a time, that way you dont forget anything and you dont miss parts of the car. Now, you are pretty much ready to rinse it off.