Washing Your Motorcycle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive cleaning specialist Michael Daiuto demonstrates how to wash a motorcycle in detail today.

    Michael Daiuto: Hi! I'm Michael at Pro-Clean and we are learning how to wash in detail a motorcycle today.

    Now, we have got it all wetted down and everything, got our soap ready to go and everything, let's get going.

    First thing, we are going to take our 409, Fantastic, any cleaner which is diluted 50-50, give it a little shaking, we are going to spray all the chrome areas, the under-carriage and things like that, just set it on a bead where you get a nice long shot, give everything a nice spray down and underneath the oil filters and all the motor. This is a very big motorcycle; all motorcycles are basically the same.

    Get everything all sprayed down, all the chrome areas, the undercarriage, around the motor and everything, try to keep it off the paint, it really won't damage the paint if you get some on there, but its better just to keep it off, round inside the wheels and everything, all the chrome areas. That's about all you need on this side of the bike.

    Now, before we go anywhere make sure that the motorcycle kickstand is locked in place, bike is in gear so it won't move on you.

    Get your wash mitt, get some of the suds drain out you don't need that much suds and then just go ahead and wash it, start at the top get around all the chrome. Most people put their hand in the mitt, its better to use it out of the mitt, because you can stuff it in the cracks and crevasses, doing the seats, around the lights and everything underneath, and just basically getting everything washed, moving around , try to stay off of the electrical gauges as much as you can. Well, motorcycles, they are waterproof, so you are not going to damage them, but try to stay off of them as much as you can.

    Get all your chrome areas, up inside the engines, all the places like that, all the nooks and crannies, take your rag and stuff it in the cracks, keep flipping the rag over and the more when you need more suds just get some more suds, and give everything a good wash job.

    When you get to the front of the wheels, usually most motorcycles today have disk brakes on them take that rag, stuff it behind the disk and just bring it around like that, that will get all that wheel cleaned off and every thing. We will get to the white walls in a second.

    Get all of this cleaned here, all the chrome and everything, your fairings if they have fairings and everything. The smaller the motorcycle the easy it is to clean obviously.

    If you have big white walls or small white walls, any white walls, use a little detergent spray directly on your mitt when you are done washing the bike do your white walls. 99% of your stuff will come off, if it doesn't come off increase your strength a little bit, with your Fantastic or 409 or whatever it is that you are using, a little bit more on the rag and that will get it off. Thats pretty much washing it, let's get it rinsed off now.