Washington, DC – Activities and Events

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Enjoy everything DC has to offer! Visitors can take advantage of countless sporting events, celebrations, festivals, natural parks and unique historic landmarks.

    Female Speaker: When you're looking for a break from monuments and museums there are plenty of other activities and events to experience in the Nation's Capitol.

    Tom Bell: There are wonderful activities that you can plan on doing here in Washington D.

    C. You can set an agenda, but let it be a little loose, because there are so many things to take you away from that plan.

    Female Speaker: It's easy to go out at play. Thanks to the regions nearly quarter million acres of parkland and 800 miles of bikeways and trails. The city's flat even trails and pathways make it a popular locale for bikers, runners, and even competitive racers.

    Peter Earnest: D.

    C. is a wonderful city for walking. It's a relevantly flat area and the city is now putting renewed emphasis on bicycle paths and bicycling in and around the city.

    Female Speaker: The National Mall offers a popular course between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial, while that 18 mile The Mount Vernon Trail takes in views of the Potomac river, Roosevelt Island, and Arlington National Cemetery.

    If picnicking is your choice of escape, look no further than one of the capitol's beautiful parks and gardens, some feature stunning river vistas, while others are meticulously landscape to bloom year-around.

    Water lovers will find plenty to like as well. Boarding enthusiast can push out from one of several marinas along the Potomac River for a day of water sports, fishing or shoreline sightseeing.

    Elliot Ferguson: There are quite a few outdoor activities you can hike, you can kayaking, you can do sailing, pedal boating which is really--Female Speaker: For sports enthusiast, Washington D.

    C. has just the ticket. The city boasts a full compliment of professional teams with many playing in sparkling modern venues. The nation's capital is also a popular year-around destination for scores of festivals, celebrations, and other events.

    Each Spring visitors from around the globe flock to the Cherry Blossom Festival one of the city's signature draws. Other major events include Memorial Day activities honoring America's veterans and the country's Independence Day celebration that culminates with the spectacular fireworks display.

    Hundreds of other events and activities fill the calendar before the year comes to a close with the many holiday festivities and The National Christmas Tree illumination in December. Whether on land or on water, in the streets or in the seats there is always something unique and interesting to see or do in the Nation's Capitol.