Washington, DC – Attractions

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Natives and visitors alike enjoy DC’s historic, unique and popular landmarks scattered all over the city. From free museums to iconic landmarks, there is something for everyone to see.

    Female Speaker: Washington D.

    C. is over flowing with historic landmarks from great centers of political power to amazing monuments and world class museums. Brian Harris: Washington D.

    C. is such a unique environment, free museums, free monuments, D.

    C. is one of the best place you may ever to spend time coming in to know D.

    C. Female Speaker: The National Mall serves as the focal point of most visits to the capital, extending from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial and from the White House to the Jefferson Memorial, it's home to 10 of the Smithsonian institutions, 19 museums as well as America's most revered national monuments and memorials.

    Ann Hoffman: All the iconic memorials and monuments that the United States has build to it's greatest President's and to American's who have serve their country. It's spectacular site.

    Female Speaker: The mall's expensive tree lines spaces also serve as a gathering place for everything from picnics and outdoors festivals to major political events. No tour of the national mall would be complete without a visit to the powerful buildings that play a central role in shaping world and national events. Both the White House and the capitol have modern visitor centers, but for an intimate tour of the buildings each requires reservations well in advance. If it's history you seek, look for the national archives where you can see first hand the documents that guided America's formation.

    Dr. Mark Stout: National archives is a place where America's treasures are really held where you can look at The Constitution, you can look The Declaration of independence.

    Female Speaker: Other must see locations near the mall include the Library of Congress the world's largest library and the Supreme Court of the United States. Just across the Potomac, the Hollowed Grounds of Arlington National Cemetery hold the remains of thousands of U.

    S. veterans and two U.

    S. President's. Four million visitors arrive each year to experience its moving rituals. When it comes to museums, a logical place to begin is the world renowned Smithsonian institution. Sixteen of the Smithsonian's nineteen popular destinations are in the Washington D.

    C. area with most on near the National Mall.

    Deborah Ziska: Washington D.

    C. maybe the only city in the entire world where you can see such a diverse range of art for free seven days a week.

    Female Speaker: The most popular are the National Air and Space Museum and the museums of American History and Natural History. Art aficionados should visit the cities many art museums, must sees include the National Gallery of Art, Renwick Art Gallery, the Phillips Collection, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

    Art Smith: D.

    C. has some of the largest collections of art museums in the whole United States and in the world.

    Female Speaker: While most of the areas museums are free some of the ticketed museums are also worth of visit. Tap choices include the six story Newseum and the International Spy Museum.

    Peter Earnest: You become a spy attempting to gather intelligence and this is proven to be very, very popular program.

    Female Speaker: Venture away from the National Mall and you'll discover many other notable attractions including the Smithsonian National Zoo and Washington National Cathedral. Washington D.

    C. has more than enough site seeing options to fill up a day a week, or even a month. The most powerful city in the world is filled with experiences that inspire and inform, excite, and entertain, and leave lasting impressions both moving and memorable.