Washington, DC – Cuisine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The ultimate foodie destination, Washington DC boasts some of the best restaurants and bars in the country. Traditional and local flavors blend with the creative minds of culinary masters and celebrity chefs.

    Female Speaker: The culinary culture of Washington D.

    C. is influenced by it's rich history. Reputation for politics and international diplomacy and unbreakable connection to the Chesapeake region.

    Tom Bell: D.

    C. has to offer a wide range of restaurants, truly increased the number of great restaurants world class dining.

    Female Speaker: If it's history you see look for a one of the many eateries near the city's political centers. These classic restaurants, grills, and taverns have been a favorite of Presidents and remain popular meeting spots for political insiders, journalist, and celebrities. Diners in search of ethnic fare have many options, adventurous foodies can find a multitude of high flavor choices, paying tribute to the city's diplomatic heritage, and broad spectrum of international influences.

    Chef Art Smith: D.

    C. some may not know as a international city. That clearly shows what America is all about, a nation of many.

    Female Speaker: The capital city's culinary roots are also planted deeply in the fertile ground and waters of Chesapeake region. You'll find the region's favorite sea food Maryland Blue Crab in almost every permutation and most D.

    C. menus, often accompanied by ingredients from fresh local harvest. Washington D.

    C. has attracted dozens of celebrity chefs and food pioneers.

    Billy Martin: The dining scene in Washington has changed with the influx of many premier chefs you have plenty of choices now.

    Female Speaker: Today, visitors can dine in restaurant laid by culinary superstars like Spanish native Jos Andrs or James Beard Award winner, Michel Richard.

    Nate Garyantes: The meaning through that it's going to trigger memories, flavors that you before maybe not in the same form, the same texture.

    Spike Mendelsohn: Foodies around the country and we probably not realize what an amazing food scene D.

    C. actually has. You can compete with New York, or Chicago, or any of the other big food scenes.

    Female Speaker: Of course, there are also plenty of opportunities for quick bites, whether you're shopping, strolling or museum hopping, many attractions have convenient onside cafeteria's that offers quick and convenient meals. Away from the mall, you'll find most of D.


    's local eateries reflect the personalities of each of the city's distinctive neighborhoods.

    Georgetown's historic ambience can be experienced in the dozens of restaurants, bars, and clubs catering to both sophisticated urban diners and college students. D.


    's Adams Morgan neighborhood radiates an international vibe that permeates it's menus and the nearby You Street Corridor includes a repertoire of crowd pleasing restaurants as well as the city's largest cluster of Ethiopian restaurants.

    Downtown's Penn Quarter is chef destination with brilliant international dining and on Capitol Hill you'll find restaurants and pubs popular with congregational staffer's and D.

    C. locals. Washington D.


    's reputation as a global melting pot translates into a multitude of dining options. Today, it's easy to see why it's culinary reputation now matches its international standing as a world class city.