Washington, DC – Nightlife

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    DC’s rich nightlife boasts something for every age group and budget. Check out unique bars, local restaurants, secret hot spots and more!

    Female Speaker: Washington DC's night life is unlike any other. Thanks to the eclectic blend of personalities that call it home. Much of this cities night life is clustered within several key neighborhoods making it easy to find the fun after dark. Tom Bell: A misconception is that work in DC and leave DC at night. No, DC has a thriving night life. Peter Ernest: We have everything from improv comedy, to concerts, to some of the best theater in the country so there is a very rich night life for people visiting the city. Female Speaker: In Georgetown, crowds ranging from older adults to college students fills the numerous bars, clubs and restaurants that line the intersection of WISCONSIN and M streets. The settings range from up skill restaurants and lounges to the cozy pubs and pizzerias. The after dark vibe in the Adams Morgan neighborhood is a mixture of Latin and offbeat and it permeates the night time air throughout this multicultural heaven, a favorite of young professional Adams Morgan teams with a diverse energy. The city's H Street or Atlas District is the place to go for serious dancing and other entertainment. James Taylor: What's amazing about the Atlas entertainment district is that you can get any kind of entertainment you want? All of it's smashed into just a couple of blocks in North East DC. Female Speaker: A variety of theaters, clubs, performance centers and restaurants make this art focused district come alive when the lights go down. DC's U Street Corridor is where Duke Ellington played his first note and the neighborhood's popular Jazz clubs continue to attract diverse audiences. Derek Brown: Along the 14th Street Corridors and hot spot for cocktails. One of the great things about Washington DC is that we certainly have this great bartending culture that's developed over the last 10 years. So I feel like coming to this area is a great start for anybody who is interested in great cocktails. Female Speaker: Together with nearby Logan Circle, the neighborhood's expanded repertoire include a number of crowd pleasing bars and restaurants that appeal to a wide variety of taste. The city's revitalized Penn Quarter is yet another area of vibrant nightlife featuring shinny new bars, dance clubs and a variety of eateries and nearby Capitol Hills offers a number of bar that have been popular with congressional staffers and DC locals for years. Night fall also brings the cities world class theaters to life. Broadway shows, symphony orchestras, musicals, ballet and Shakespeare are all a part of a theater scene that rivals other major cities. Andy Shallal: The city has a tremendous amount of theater. We have over a 90 professional theaters companies in the city. Female Speaker: The district's stages showcase large scale performances and well known locations like the Kennedy Center or the National Theater while many local theaters like Woolly Mammoth bring us slightly edgier style of production. And don't forget the National Mall at night. When the historic buildings and monuments can be seen in a completely different light, bathe in a patriotic glow, America's inspirational landmark, emerge as a breath taking, romantic and unforgettable experience. When the sun sets, the nation's capital takes on a whole new personality, offering a variety of entertainment options for anyone looking for some fun after a busy day of sight seeing and exploring.