Washington, DC – Overview

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Never been to DC? This video will give you a quick feel for the Nation’s Capitol.

    Female Speaker: Powerful! Inspiring! From antiquities of history to engaging encounters of local flavor Washington D.C. is an eclectic city teeming with celebrations of rich diversity, energizing culture and the spirit of possibility. You will discover a lively and stimulating city with a surprising collection of vibrant neighborhood each with their won distinct personalities.

    D.C. is a popular year round destination for scores of festivals celebrations and other events. Whether on land or on water, inside or out, there is always something unique and interesting to see or do in the nation's capital. You can rest your head in luxury suites frequented by world leaders or brands big and small designed to fit any style and budget. The nation's capital overflows with sightseeing opportunities and getting around is a breeze.

    When the sun sets, the city takes on a whole new personality. Hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs provide ample opportunity to soak in the atmosphere. Night ball also brings the city's many theatres alive with a broad range of world class performances of all types.

    Washington D.C's reputation as a global melting pot translates into a multitude of dining options. The city's unique historical, cultural and regional influences have attracted top culinary talents from across the world.

    Washington D.C. is filled with one of a kind experiences that leave unforgettable memories. The city's charismatic blend of old and new, local and international high-end and down home that make visitors fall in love with the nation's capital over and over again.