Washington, DC – Transportation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Getting to DC is just as easy as traveling around the city by bus, train, car, bike and more.

    Female Speaker: Whether it's getting there or getting around, traveling alone or with family, Washington D.

    C. is a traveler's dream.

    Holly Harmon: It's very easily accessible because you can walk around very easily, you can take public transportation, metro, buses.

    Female Speaker: If you plan to arrive by air, options are plentiful. D.

    C. is among the few American cities with access to three major airports. Ronald Regan Washington National Airport is just minutes from downtown and the National Mall and the city's only airport with a stop on the metro, Washington's clean and efficient subway system.

    In suburban Virginia, Washington Dallas International Airport handles the largest volume of lights to the region. To help speed your trip downtown, a dedicated access road covers half the distance from the airport to the city. Bus service is also available linking Dallas with the Metro Rail system.

    Baltimore Washington International Airport or BWI is the farthest of the three though it's a favorite among frugal travelers due to it's frequently lower fares. Some people choose to run a car for the 45 min drive from BWI south to the nation's capital.

    Train service is also available. Travel to D.

    C. by train is an excellent alternative for many, thanks to the numerous Amtrak routes that stop in historic Union Station just across the street from the capital.

    Ann Hoffman: Union Station built in the early 1900s to be the grand gateway statement to the capital is gilded as gold. It's spectacular! It reminds us that there was a day when trains were king and going to the train station was an event.

    Female Speaker: Budget conscious travelers should not overlook travel by bus. Many low budget carriers now traverse the north-east corridor with modern buses and surprisingly low fares.

    Once you have touched down in the nation's capital getting around couldn't be easier. This city is defined by four quadrants, streets named for letters run east and west, numbered streets north and south and streets named for states run diagonally. Washington D.

    C. is also one of America's most walkable cities, thanks to its flat terrain, miles of pedestrian paths and visitor minded signage.

    Tom Bell: It's a pedestrian city and you don't even need your car, park it and walk, take a metro, it's very easy to do this.

    Female Speaker: D.


    's public transportation makes exploration even easier. The Metro offers clean, safe and reliable transportation to most popular destinations, and the public bus system includes over 1500 vehicles. The DC Circulator has special routes linking popular destinations. Of course, Taxi cabs are plentiful as well.

    If time is limited, a guided tour can be a great choice. Popular Tours utilize every mode of transportation from four wheels to two to no wheels. Tours can be small and personal, big and comprehensive by day or by night, whatever you choose tour guides in the nation's capital are eager share their insiders knowledge.

    Whether you are traveling to the nation's capital or exploring it once you are there, options for easy, comfortable and affordable transportation abound.