Washington Walking Tours – Washington, DC

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    If you haven’t been on a Washington Walk, you haven’t been to Washington, DC.

    TY Hallmark: If you haven't been on a Washington Walk, you haven't been to Washington. So after you've seen the famous sites and the mall, come with us to see the city, people call Home.

    Female Speaker: Our walks are led by licensed knowledgeable guides who are passionate about their hometown. An insiders looks at a part Washington D.


    , you might not otherwise see in the company of a friendly tour guide.

    TY Hallmark: We take that information and then we look back at the history of the house and some of other things that have happened, we find three occurrences that might explain what the feminine -- we call them the feminine shrieks are: Female Speaker: Washington Walks is founded in 1999 to give the visitors a chance to experience the local color and rich history of Washington D.

    C neighborhoods.

    TY Hallmark: After you see the all the famous sites of the city, like the Lincoln memorial, the Jefferson memorial, then you can come on one of our walking tours and see what the local see. We go into a lot of the different neighborhoods that you might not see on another tour, like a bus tour, you don't need a reservation and our walks take place, rain or shine.

    The best way to come to one of our walking tours is probably either to walk to the meeting point or use D.


    's Metro Subway System to get there. Most of our walking tours last about two hours.

    If you haven't been in a Washington Walk, you haven't went to the Washington D.