Watch Care & Cleaning Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amanda Gizzi with Jewelers of America discusses how to care for and clean your watch.

    Amanda Gizzi: Hi I am Amanda Gizzi with Jewellery Information Center and I am going to give you some tips for taking care of your watch.

    Watches are precision instruments; some have as many as 600 individual parts. Taking proper care of your watch will not only help you stay on time but it will ensure it last for generations to come.

    Check your watch regularly, making sure the strap or bracelet is securely attach to the face. A mechanical watch should be checked regularly by your jeweler or an authorized dealer and serviced according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

    No matter how handy you are, do not attempt to perform watch repairs yourself. Only an expert jeweler or watch maker should be trusted to put your watch back into working condition.

    Be sure to have broken or scratch crystals replace immediately. Even a hairline crack can let dust and moisture into the time piece mechanism threatening its accuracy.

    If you have a mechanical watch, wind it in a clockwise direction, preferably about the same time each day. Remove your watch from your wrist when winding so you don't pressure on the stem.

    Unless the degree of water resistance is clearly specified when you purchase your watch, do not wear it into the shower or a pool.

    Battery life varies by watch and function. Have your jeweler replace the battery in a quartz watch before it runs out. Dead batteries left in a watch can leak or corrode. Do not attempt to change the battery in a watch yourself.

    Oils from your skin can build up on a watch, you can quickly clean a water resistant watch with a mixture of warm water and either a mild soap or a dish detergent. Dry it with a soft cloth, if your watch has a leather or fabric strap you should clean only the watch piece and not the strap.

    If your watch isn't water resistant or you are not sure don't immerse it in water. Clean the piece with a slightly damp cloth and then dry. Follow these tips and you will keep your watch in excellent condition for years to come.