Water Exercises – Chest-Deep Obliques

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness Expert Susan Foster demonstrates chest-deep obliques.

    Susan Foster: Hi! I am Susan Foster. I am founder of New Attitude Exercise. Now we're going to talk about how to do really effective oblique abdominal work in chest deep water. Chest deep water is great for this because you're still grounded and stable. But the water allows you to really get toning in a lot of different directions. So are you ready?

    Lift the leg to the side, with the leg to the other side. Concentrate on the muscle above the hip area, that's your obliques, contracting and releasing. Shortening and releasing. Stand tall like there is a plate glass window in front of you.

    Now as you become confident, add the elbows, curl the rib side-to-side. Do you notice now the whole side of the body is working. Now watch this. This is the fun part about this. You can vary the tempo, quick, quick, quick or long and slow.

    Every move in the water is 12 times more effective than what you're going to do on land. Keep tick-tocking. This is a really fun and energizing move called ski moguls. It feels really great. Start with hands to this side, feet parallel. Pretend you're going down on a bumpy ski slope and pop over a ski mogul, pop over another mogul. Pop, pop, good.

    This is really refreshing, really fun, kind of bouncy. Now if you want to go to the low impact version, slide the feet, slide the feet. Arms go opposite the feet, you have a nice motion going.

    You can make them bigger, softer, tucking the knees up to the chest. And this is one of my students favorite. It's called Look Ma, no hands. They are quick ski moguls. Leave the hands up.

    Have fun with it, vary the tempo, travel forward and back. Now celebrate your brand new toned obliques with this last move in chest deep water. It's a twist, it works both the back and the front and it's fun.

    It's twist, twist keep the feet together. You can work low on this, land softly to the feet and celebrate. Have some fun with it. Turn on the music and get the obliques cooking.

    Excellent! Now let's cruise on over to chest deep, abdominal curls and crunches.