Water Heater Maintenance – Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Water heater expert Jim Connors discusses water heater temperature pressure and relief valve.

    Jim Connors: Hi! I am Jim Connors with Rheem Manufacturing Company. I am showing you how to maintain your water heater, and now, I am going to show you how to maintain the temperature and pressure relief valve on your water heater.

    All water heaters include a device called the temperature and pressure relief valve. This valve is located on the top or on the side near the top of your water heater. The valve is designed to release water in the event the water pressure or temperature inside the water heater gets too high. Under normal circumstances, this valve will always be in the closed position. If the valve discharges water periodically, it maybe due to thermal water expansion in a closed water system. Consult with a plumbing professional to correct this, and never remove the valve or plug the relief valve outlet to stop the leak. Look for signs if any water leak around the valve or steady drip from the outlet. Have a plumbing professional replace the valve if needed. At least once a year, lift and release the lever handle on the temperature and pressure relief valve to release some water from the water heater and to make certain the valve operates freely. Remember, the water in the tank is hot and under pressure. So make sure the water is allowed to drain to a suitable location, and then no one is around the area that might be injured. That's how you maintain the temperature and pressure relief valve on your water heater. Next, I'll provide tips on what to do in the event of a water leak.