Water Power Science Project – Flow & Go Boat

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Marry Porter from Curiosity Zone shows you how to make a flow and go boat science experiment for kids.

    Mary Porter: Hi, I am Mary Porter from Curiosity Zone. We are exploring simple but fun experiments you can do with your own kids at home, or in your classroom, that explore the concept of energy. So, the next experiment we are going we are going to do is make a Flow & Go Boat. Now Flow & Go Boat uses the energy of water pouring out of the cup to make a boat float through the water. It's very simple to make. Obviously you can see we have got a Styrofoam plate and a Styrofoam bowl. A cup of any sort, a paper cup or a Styrofoam cup will work and a straw, and a hot glue gun. That's all you need. So, let's get started. Jordan and Jackson. The first thing we are going to do is hot glue the bowl to the plate. You now take you bowl, flip it upside down. You can put the glue actually on the bowl. That might the better way to do it. That way you are for sure it will hit the plate. Alright, let's turn it up. Now the next step is we are going to take our cups. We got to make a place for the straw. And in our last experiment, we learned that water flows out, with more energy when it's at the bottom. So, we are going to make a hole in the bottom of the cup. Right about there and the simplest way that I know to make a hole in a cup is just to take a pointy pencil and just stick it right in there. Do you want to do that? Try not to break the cup. There you go, perfect. Alright, and you end up with a hole just like that. Okay, the next step is to glue your cup, on top of the Styrofoam bowl. And it doesn't matter where the hole goes. But, the opening for the cup has to be obviously open to the top so you can pour water in. So, we are just going to glue. Put some more hot glue on the bottom of the cup. Just like this. And make sure you have lots of hot glue sticks on the ready. Because this takes a lot of hot glue. And we are going to stick that right on the top, right in the center. The more centered the better because as you pour the water, you don't want your boat to get all topsy-turvy. Everything on this boat should be as centered as possible that will make it a lot easier when we start to make them go. Jackson you want to put that right in the center. Good job, alright. Now this is one more simple step and that is we are going to take our bendy straws. And you are going to put the long end, into the hole, and not the short end. The short end bends down. Okay, you will stick that in the hole, perfect. Now make sure it goes down far enough that when you float this thing in the water that your straw actually -- the end of your straw will go into the water.

    What we are going to do is hot glue and straw in place. So, that the water can't get out around the straw, because we don't want any leakage. That will make the boat not go quite as fast. Now that we put together our boats. The next step is to decorate than to make them all our own so that they are fine and creative and we enjoy playing with them. So, what we have got our water proof materials, obviously the plates and the cup and everything need to be waterproof. Because we are using these in water. In addition we are using sharpy markers because that's the only that will stick to Styrofoam. And water-based markers will wash off. And we are going to be using foam shakes that will stick right on. So, you guy's go ahead and start decorating your boats. Make them all your own, may be give them a name like the 'SS Jordan' or the 'SS Jackson'.

    Child: This is a cheese boat.

    Mary Porter: Yeah, making a Cheese Boat. I think that's brilliant. Now we are going to see if our Flow & Go Boat actually works. So, Jordan is going to pour the water in, we will see, up there it is coming out the bottom, excellent. So we are going to drop this in and what should happen is as the water comes flowing out the straw. You can see it's starting to move. As the water starts falling out of the straw it's pushing against the water that's in the tub and that's causing the boat to move forward. That one of the Newton's laws of Motion actually. That for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In our next clip we are going to learn about how air power can have the same effect. Just like the water flows out and pushes something forward or air pushes out it can push something forward. So, we are going to make a balloon powered squid.