Water Skiing on One Ski

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Water skiing educator Steve Lohr demonstrates how to water ski on one ski.

    Steve Lohr: Hi, I am Steve Lohr at Lohr's Lake in Sparta, Virginia here to teach you how to water ski. In this clip we will be talking about how to ski on one ski or Slalom ski. You should be comfortable skiing on two skis now and having lots of fun skimming across the water on two skis. Ultimately we will have you skiing on one Slalom ski, a competition ski of this type that will have you going around the buoys and having lots of fun.

    Now we are going to look at using one of the combination skis we have used in the past. This is the one combination ski with the back binder that you will place the back foot in. We should first decide which foot to put in the front binder and Courtney is here to help me demonstrate that. She is going to stand with her right foot forward and then her left foot forward and see which way actually feels more comfortable. Additionally while she is kind of sitting there thinking of what to do next, I am going to push her and she is going to catch herself with the dominant foot. Another indicator of which foot should be placed in the front binder. Once we have established that Courtney is a right foot forward skier, we will ask her to on the dock put the ski on her right foot by first wetting it in the water so that the binder is easy to get on and then she will actually place the right foot in the binder and the left foot will be in the back binder. Her knees will be bent, her ankles will be bent forward, her arms will be straight and she will hold on to the rope or to the instructor and she will keep her head straight. That will be the position we will ultimately be skiing on once we get on the water. Until that time we will practice on the dock and then we will proceed to the next step which is dropping at one ski when water skiing.