Waterfront Property In The Middle Of Texas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dallas waterfront property is retaining its value, and developers are building homes with spectacular features faster than ever.

    Jock Starr: The DFW are has been experiencing a building boom in the past decade. Not only are developers building on dry land, they are getting their feet wet with the increasing popularity of water front property. Kelly Crowell: We are very fortunate to be in one of the fastest growing areas for the nation actually. We have not been affected per say by the down turn. Jock Starr: The appeal of lake side living is clear, the homes are new and the amenities can't be beat. Kelly Crowell: The boating amenities include marinas, we have several marinas here in the area. Here you are allowed they are just start to allowing boat docks and being able to actually have your boat on the lake which is wonderful, wonderful opportunity to have family time.

    We have restaurants and shopping, wonderful shopping, wonderful restaurants in the harbor district, which is a wonderful family environment as well as even for people that are you know young, professionals, that's a nice area to be. Jock Starr: This home is on the market for about 1.

    4 million in the middle range for luxury homes. So, if you have got the means is there any reason you wouldn't want to house on the lake. Rebecca Santos: Insurance would be very high so one wouldn't want to live on the water property; just solid grounds are so much better a little bit more secure. Jock Starr: Despite concerns like these, lake side is property is growing in popularity.

    Kelly Crowell: It's wonderful to live on the water in Dallas, because you have the amenities being able to relax, get away from it all, yet you are close to the metro parks.

    Jock Starr: Reporting from Dallas, this is Jock Starr.