Watermelon Drinks – Wine Spritzers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stephanie Simek from watermelon.org demonstrates how to make watermelon wine spritzers for your backyard BBQ.

    Stephanie Simek: Hi! I am Stephanie Simek with the National Watermelon Promotion Board. I am going to show you today how to make watermelon wine spritzers.

    We will start with one full bottle of Chardonnay, 12 ounces of sparking mineral water and lastly, 2 tablespoons of grenadine.

    We will stir around our wet ingredients in here. And, we've got two cups of watermelons, we'll divide this equally, and then we just pour our wine spritzer over the watermelon cubes. And, these are ready to go, watermelon wine spritzer.