Wavy Hair – Diffuse with Blowdryer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Sara Robinson demonstrates how to style wavy hair including how to diffuse the hair with a blow dryer.

    Sara Robinson: Hi there! This is Sara Robinson. We are here at Evil Hair Studio in Georgetown D.

    C. and today we are learning how to style wavy hair.

    In this clip, we're actually going to diffuse the hair with a blowdryer. Now, we've got our blowdryer and this is what a Diffuser is. An attachment that goes on the end of your blowdryer. This one is universal; it's made to fit almost any blowdryer. It's spring-loaded in here, so it just fits right on the end of your blowdryer.

    Now some of you may want to do your bangs before you put the Diffuser on the end of your blowdryer. But we are just going to do the entire head with the Diffuser today. So you're going to put that on, you are going to use either a low or a high setting. The low setting will take you longer, but you will get even less frizz. We're going to go ahead and diffuse a high setting today and we are going to just diffuse the whole head. So you are going to want to dry it until it's about 80% dry. You do more than that it's going to get more frizzy as well.

    You can tilt the head in different ways, and I will show you that as we go to, and you can hold the hair up with your fingers, and then when you can twist it a little bit as well. So here we go.

    Just move it around so it doesn't get too hot on your head. The more you pick up the curls, the more volume you will have right at your scalp. For those of you that have longer hair, you put the hair in and hold it up like this to get the ends dry and then move it in to get your scalp dry as well.

    Just keep moving around where there is wet hair, where you want it a little bit drier. Arrange it a little bit; make sure it's laying where you like it to.

    There we go! In our next clip, we are going to move on into how to finish the hair.