Wavy Hair – Finish With Products

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Sara Robinson demonstrates how to style wavy hair including how to finish the hairstyle with products.

    Sara Robinson: Hi! I am Sara Robinson, we are here at Easel Hair studio in Georgetown, D.

    C. Today, we're learning how to style wavy hair. We've finished diffusing it with the blow dryer and now we're going to finish it with some product. The first product I'm going to use is a Curl Refreshing Spray. Now what this does is that it helps reduce frizz. It's good for right after you blow dry as well as the next day. Say, you slept on it and you want to wear this hair the second day, curly hair does well that way but you do need some product in it to do the same thing. So, hold about six inches away and just spray a little bit on, and then you are just going to scrunch it in like this and that will just give you some final definition, all you want it. You see right where you want it, scrunch it right in. Move the head around, don't get it too close but not too far away either so that you don't get any on the hand.

    So we've got this product on as much as we want. It's just finalizing the curls right where we want them to lay. Now, I'm going to switch them and we'll use just a little bit of hair spray,, Again, just hold it about six to eight inches from the head, and you're just going to lift the hair up on the head so that it just has a little bit of volume. If you want it to, you can also lift it up this way and put some on the inside, so that it will hold a little bit, give it a little bit more volume for you. And you just do that, get it to lay right where you want it to and that is all there is to doing it with some product. So in the next clip, we're going to go into how to use the curling iron to finish our look a little more.