Wax Your Legs at Home – Prep & Applying Wax

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beauty consultant Mia Do from Modern Day Spa demonstrates how to prep and apply wax to your legs.

    Hi. I am Mye (ph) at Modern Day Spa. I am beauty consultant here and today we are going to show you how to wax your legs properly at home.

    Now, what we are going to do now is apply the wax and I will show you how to remove it. What we are going to start with is taking muslin strip and basically what it is, is just a cloth strip use for waxing. You can pick it up at any beauty supply store and what we are going to do is place it directly on to where the wax is and just rub it firmly for a couple of seconds. Then once you are done with that, what you are going do is you are going to pull it up towards your body very quickly so its less painful.

    Now, what I am going to show you next is how to remove the excess wax from your leg. What you are going to do is get some cotton, you are going to get some wax remover for the skin and youre just going to put a little bit to the area only where you see there is wax left on to the leg and youre just going to wipe until the wax goes away. Just let it dry for a couple of minutes, and then the next you are going to do is you are going to get some more cotton and then what you are going to put on is an after wax cooling gel. After you wax your legs, you might experience some burning or irritation and this is going to help that. What you are going to do is just put a little bit on to the cotton and you are going to apply it to the leg. Now, if you dont have to use this all you have to do is go to the store and find something with some aloe vera that would be ideal for this. And once you are done, let it dry for little bit and you get to go. And I am going to show how to clean up next.

    Its pretty simple. All you have to do is seal your wax and make sure you store it at room temperature, anywhere in your house is fine. You can reuse it later. You can keep any strips that you still have leftover and if you have got any wax left on your surface or countertops you can use all-purpose wax remover and that will get rid of all the wax.

    Now that I have shown you all the steps to properly wax your legs at home, you are ready for the beach.

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