Wax your Skis for Storage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ted Walsh from the Washington DC Ski Center demonstrates how to wax your skis for storage.

    Ted Walsh

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    Ted Walsh: Now, I am going to talk to you about another purpose wax is used for in ski and snowboarding and its for storage. Along with protecting the ski on the snow and keeping water repelling off of it, it can project ski in the closet or wherever you keep your skis and protect moisture from seeping into that permeable space. You also want to keep the edges of the ski good and sharp over the summer or spring or whenever stop skiing and a great way to do that is to just sort of throw some extra wax on the ski. The same way that you wax normally, you stop half way and you use a little bit more wax.

    This is going to be done, the same way essentially starting now as we would wax the ski in any other circumstance. You want to clean the base of the ski, make sure there is nothing in between the wax and the base so that it really gets right into the base and there is no dirt or anything excess that could cause problems in the future. Once again we want to make sure that this is dry before adding wax otherwise, the wax wont be able to get in there.

    So, Ive got a hot iron and a bar of universal wax. In this case it does not matter what kind of wax you using because youre only using it for storage and youre going to want to re-wax these skis before you actually go skiing on them. So, the cheaper the wax, the better, especially because you have to use more of it than in general purposes.

    Now, I am going really drip this wax on, really cake the ski with it, reason being, I want this wax to actually drip off the edges of the ski and cover the whole edge, sealing it from any water or moisture or anything like that. When you do store your skis its good idea not to put them in a garage or somewhere that is subjectable to different temperature or moisture. Its good to actually keep them in your house if possible, in that way they dont get too rusted, although if you do this they shouldnt get rusted at all.

    Once again I am going to let the iron do the work for me. I really just want to let the heat spread the wax out and now I am just going to make sure that everything is dripping over the side of the ski and sort of guided it to do so, that way you do protect your edges from any rust. If you do get rust on your edges the edge is going to no longer be dull and its going to sort of a road away and the only way to fix that is with the tune. Now, tunes are great thing for skis but you dont want to get a needless tune because it does take the life of ski away from the ski a little bit. You are grinding off a little bit of that edge. So, its one thing to ski a lot, I need it tuned and a whole another thing to not take care of your skis and have to get it tuned because your edges are rusted.

    I just want to totally cover the ski.

    I am just watching the wax dripped down the edge, make sure its fully covering it, the top and the side of the edge that is.

    Now, youre going to let that cool just because its hot, sticky wax, you dont want to get all over your things, and in the meantime, you can go do what you like, essentially you are ready to store your ski and this is going to seal up everything for you.